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For my Year 12 major project I designed and constructed a room-dividing breakfast bench.  I wanted to make this project because my dad had been renovating our home and I wanted to make a piece that could be used in the house. 

I also thought it would be fun to build a sideboard because it is a simple concept and design, but still allows room for creativity. I wanted it to look nice as well as being stable and practical.

I chose Oregon and Jarrah timbers for my project. Oregon is very cost effective and is readily available in recycled timber yards. It’s a great timber to recycle as it looks good and is easy to work with. I also chose Jarrah as a feature wood to balance the look of the project. Jarrah is a beautiful reddish-brown hardwood that works well with Oregon.  

To join the waterfall and the table top together, I used a mitre joint, with dowels and dominoes to make it secure. I did some tests beforehand so that I could get a perfectly fitted joint. When cutting the mitre joints, I did a test cut to make sure that the saw was set perfectly at 45 degrees. When cutting the dominoes straight into the rail, I did some tests so that the domino machine lined up where I wanted it to be. 
I think that, overall, the sideboard has the recycled look I was aiming for, but it does not look ‘rough’. There are simply a few nail holes and they add character. 

I am thrilled with my finished project. I had enough time to add features and do things well to make it just that little bit better. Using materials I had around me and being able to modify ideas to implement better ones, has made the whole creation process very smooth. 

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