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King-single bed with led lighting
mani hitchenson

From the get-go, I had a good idea of the shape and design of the bed I wanted to make.  

I undertook multiple tests and developed various models and prototypes to ensure that the actual construction process of the bed was efficient and free of errors. 

Selecting suitable timber was important and there were many things to consider. I needed a cost-effective timber that was machinable and easy to work with. I decided on Tasmanian Oak.

The bed is large and heavy and will be used a lot. I needed to factor in strength and durability when considering construction and assembly. I used haunched mortice and tenon joints as well as normal mortice and tenon joints for the body of the bed where strength is required. Domino and biscuit joints were used in the bed head and shelving where weight and strength were less of a concern. 


This bed design uses LED strip lights as a way of making the piece visually appealing and practical as it lights up the bedhead. I wanted to use LED strip lights in my project to add another degree of difficulty and to extend my skills.

I used a three-part, water-based finish as it was easy to apply and looks really good. 
Overall, I think that the planning, reporting and production of my Year 12 Industrial Timber project went smoothly. I believe my project was finished with a high-quality result and I am happy with the outcome.

This year has presented me and my peers with some obstacles, but we overcame these challenges and completed some great projects. I hope my project will be of use in future years to come. 

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