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taylor mcleod


For my HSC major project, I designed and constructed a functional and aesthetically pleasing bedside table. I needed the design to be functional for storage purposes and also versatile, as I like to have tea and food when I’m reading a book or watching a movie. 

I used the ‘Chain of Custody’ certification to ensure that I used sustainably-sourced timber from Marrangaroo timbers. 

To improve my skills, I decided to use complex assembly methods and a variety of joinery techniques, using both hand tools and mechanized tools. 

I didn’t want the table to look like a big box, so I offset the sides allowing for the legs to protrude. 

I used a three-way lap joint that could be completed on the drop saw. This involved the drop saw being set to a specific height without being changed. I ended up spending two weeks using the drop saw to cut the joints. It was a painstaking process to craft all these joints and make sure I had the correct height to make the finish flush.
Staining the timber was quite fun. I really liked how the colour turned out and how it enhanced the grain. I went with a satin finish - as my grandpa recommended. 

During the final stages of the project, I was concerned that the pieces would not fit together and I wouldn’t be able to produce a project of which I could be proud. Having the help of my teacher and my sister allowed for a swift gluing session that achieved some great results. 

I used hoop pine on the draw as it is a soft wood and is easier to attach. I used soft-close draw slides and, after some fiddling, was able to attach them to the inside of the table. I used push-to-open hinges on the door as I wanted a flush finish with no handles. 

I really like how the drawer and door turned out and I was extremely happy with the final aesthetic. Being able to see it all come together made me so happy, and being able to tell my family it was finally done made me feel super accomplished. 

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