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The smart cube
seb wodrow


When people were required to stay in their homes during the Covid-19, the use of streaming services soared. As people bunkered down at home (and stayed tucked up in their beds) I saw the need for a ‘smart’ bedside table that would allow people to stream their digital content, charge their mobile devices and keep their beverages warm.


I reviewed a number of products already on the market and there was definitely a gap for a smart bedside table that incorporated entertainment technology and beverage warming. 

I visited the IKEA website to look at a range of bedside tables and gather information on bedside table dimensions. I noticed most bedside tables are rectangular in shape, so I decided to make mine a cube. 


I looked at various timbers including Tasmanian Oak and plywood, and marine plywood. I settled on marine plywood as it is very strong and able to withstand moisture or beverage spills. 

I selected swivel caster wheels as they are very affordable and work best on carpet. 
A table saw was used to cut the marine plywood into four 600x600 mm squares. I used a laser cutter to make a 1mm hole for the mug warmer and a Japanese handsaw to make the slits for the LED lights around the shelves. 


To construct the cube, I used a router to create rebate joints as they are strong joints (due to the large fixing area).

After applying an undercoat, I used three coats of black, high-gloss enamel paint to the exterior of the desk using a roller and tray. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the final product and the design portfolio. I thoroughly enjoyed developing and creating this product. A significant amount of effort was required and I am very satisfied with the end result.  

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