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For my HSC major project, I wanted to build a storage system that would help organise my mountain biking equipment. The garage in my house was crowded with bikes and bike parts, spread all over the place and quite disorganised. I needed a solution that would allow me to find things easily so that I could spend more time riding and less time searching. 

As this storage unit will not be on display, it didn’t need to be made of the finest timber. Functionality and strength were my priorities for this build. I also wanted to showcase the range of skills I have learned over the years, including laser cutting and machining on the CNC router.

I researched components for the project, looking at existing products, drawer runners, handles, hinges, catches and latches, joints, ergonomics and adhesives. 
Plywood was selected for the structural part of the project with hoop pine used for the smaller pieces including the cabinet doors and drawers. Using plywood helped to keep the costs low. By purchasing large sheets of plywood, I could cut as required and get more out of each piece. Plywood is also a relatively soft piece of timber which allowed me to consider a wide range of joint types for the project. 

After sketching up my ideas on paper and then finalising them in Onshape, I was able to start cutting. 

I began by marking out the lengths of pine and then docked the lengths into smaller pieces using a drop saw. Larger panels were cut into smaller pieces for the major construction. 

I prepared the large panels for construction by drilling pilot holes. Once I had every panel cut to size I joined them into boxes using corner clamps. This was very time-consuming but it was the easiest way to construct the boxes. 

After constructing the drawers I began to fit the boxes with the drawer runners. Once I had marked out and fitted the drawer runners, I used treated pine lengths as support for the boxes. This allowed me to keep them flat while marking out where to place the screws. 

The drawer faces were cut to size and I used the handles as the method of attachment. The top drawer face was then further secured with extra screws holding the bottom edge to the drawers.

I used a router to cut the joints for the door and a boring drill bit for the hinges to sit in. I created a jig to easily replicate the drill locations. After attaching the door, I marked out and fitted a magnetic latch. 

Once all major construction was complete, I sanded every visible face using 180 grit sandpaper and then applied three coats of estapol. 

I installed the bike hook and tested it with my bike and then continued to join all three boxes. 

I am very pleased with my major work. I executed the project to the best of my ability and put maximum effort in at all times. I am proud of the finished result and feel that it is one of the best school projects I have completed. 

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