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I really enjoy cooking and camping and have my own YouTube cooking show, Cooking with Brendo. A comment was left on one of my cooking videos that stated “Brendo, you HAVE to cook in the outdoors,”. This comment was the inspiration for my project. 


Most outdoor BBQs require either their own fuel source (via storage) or have a small, open fire. I felt that making a BBQ that could be used on any sized fire or outdoor furnace would be really useful for campers and outdoor cooks. 

I wanted to make something that was height adjustable (to accommodate different fire heights) and easily transported. 


I tested the heat resistance of metals including aluminium, carbon steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel. I decided on carbon steel as it can withstand the heat from fire and is less expensive than stainless steel. 

I also tested the heat resistance of the hotplate wheels by putting them in an oven to determine which one was least damaged after half an hour at 200°C.

My father taught me how to weld safely and join the mental components together. 

Silicon filling was used to attach the wooden grips as this filling can resist temperatures of up to 260°C. 

I used Cabot’s Cabothan Clear lacquer on the dowel handles as it looks great and will help protect the wood from the elements. 

Height adjustment is achieved by changing the position of the hotplate using holes in the bars pointing to the back axel, and the height-cut holes in the standing bar of the frame. This height adjustment system works well and is simple to use. The hotplate’s customisable height allows it to sit over any open fire or outdoor furnace without burning the food or having it cook it too slowly. 

The portability of the MDP is good, the wheels make moving the device much easier than if it were to be carried.

I cooked some sausages and onions on the hotplate and they tasted great. There was no unexpected black staining of food.

The Major Design Project has been successful. There is room for improvement, but overall this has been a fruitful endeavour.

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