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More than 62 million people worldwide use gymnasiums each year to stay in shape. Gyms are a great place to get fit, but they’re also places where injuries may occur.


Some products, such as the lower back brace, exist to reduce the risk of injury during deadlifts and rack pulls, but there is a lack of safety equipment available for other muscle groups.


I wanted to create a means of keeping gym enthusiasts, primarily novices, safe when exercising by designing a device that teaches good form, technique and reduces injuries when using a bench press.


With the use of CAD software such as OnShape, designing the different pieces simple as models could be refined before ever being created. These models allowed me to see my project and get rid of some of the confusion I experience when trying to think of ideas solely in my head. I also used PrusaSlicer a pre-3D printing program that allowed me to import STL files and export them as G-code for the 3D printer. The Prusa Mini 3D printer allowed me to create physical models of the designs I made in the Onshape software.


The chosen material for all pieces was PLA as the material is able to withstand human pressure.


The product also features easy attach and detach velcro which can be adjusted to the user’s arm size with ease, to remove unwanted sweat and dirt that may otherwise get trapped and cause bacterial growth and odours.


I created a teaching-focused product to train users where the wrist should be positioned so that weight is evenly distributed throughout the body.  It also teaches the user how far down to come in a press to get the most out of the exercise, without hindering movement that is good for muscle activation and growth.


I decided on ‘Gorilla Fitness’ as a brand name.  A gorilla is a strong and muscular animal and this could symbolically align with the goals of a gym enthusiast.

Overall, I feel my project was a success and I am happy with how everything turned out.

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